Crowdfunding, Startups & Everything In-between


Andrei TitWhats’up guys!?!

This is Andrei, aaand as the website’s subtitle points out, I write about crowdfunding, startups and everything in between, i.e. basically the nitty gritty of the entrepreneurial mindset and psychology (all derived from the books that I’ve read and my personal experiences).


My mission is to educate as many people as possible about crowdfunding, and deliver explicit, step-by-step advice regards the design and execution of a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign.

So if you’re open-minded, want to impact the world in a positive way through your art/creation/legacy you name it, and think that crowdfunding is something more than just a financial tool, join me on my crazy journey of bringing bold ideas to reality through crowdfunding!




..oh, wait! Almost forgot. Here’s a list with the projects I’ve believed in so far. Small line-up, but still growing 🙂


LUMMA – Grips that combine all lights needed on the bike

OrganATTACK! – a Card Game by The Awkward Yeti


Brancusi e al meu. Eu donez