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Bookworm #3

It's been a while folks. Sorry for the absence. Life has happened in the meantime. Without any further excuses, here we go again with Bookworm#3.

This series will include more than 4 books, like the normal Bookworm post, as I have actually hacked my reading habits since I came here in Berlin, and thus doubled the amount of books read per month. What's the secret to all of this? No secret at all, actually. Just pure old-fashioned optimization. It takes me approx. 45 minutes to arrive in Berlin's center, time which is mainly spent on the S-Bahn or on the U-bahn (subway). The atmosphere on these transport means is quite relaxing, with not too many crowds and plenty of seats to take (or at least on the S5 and U8, at the hours I'm commuting). So I thought to myself, how can I better use these 45 minutes, given the actual conditions? The answer was reading. And it turned out to be more than rewarding when I saw all the grannies with their e-readers following the same practice.

Am I Missing Out?

FoMO, short for the Fear of Missing Out, is the feeling that everybody out there is benefiting from the best experiences this world can give, and you are just not part it. You lost the lottery of opportunities so you might just suck it up and be grateful for the little that you have. WRONG!

I think everybody at some point in their lives has experienced this kind of phobia, either be it as a small episode - where you didn't decide to go at a particular party/meeting/event, which turned out to be really successful after all - or prolonged states of frustration - where you tried your best to please everybody by being everywhere whenever needed, indifferent of your own schedule and needs.

Fake It 'til You Make It?

This post is meant to be a manifesto, upon which you can return whenever you deviate from your true mission, that is, your inner calling. I'll sure do so.

The old saying says: "Fake it till you make it.". But does it really work?

I've stumbled upon this quote 3 years ago in an infographic, as one of the last steps that one has to pursue in order to achieve massive success. Frankly and foolishly, I took it back then for granted. What did I have to lose? A lot.

Cryotherapy: Restarting Your Own Body (For the Better)

Last year I had a conversation with my friend Cristi about a new kind of alternative healing remedy, namely cryotherapy. He was already familiar with it and advised me to try it out, even on experimental (if not healing) purposes for the first time. Honestly, I was super reluctant. The procedure requires for someone to step into a vertical cabin while being "frozen" up with the aid of liquid nitrogen to temperatures as down as - 180°C (or even lower) at a maximum time frame of 3 minutes. Being frozen up until - 180°C..are you kidding me?!? This was definitely NOT on my bucket list! But I've done a bit of research on it and it turned out that big athletes like LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo actively used it for regeneration purposes as well as Tony Robbins as one of his daily healthy practices. In light of all this research and after reading about Cristi's direct experience with it (link here) I decided to give it a try!

But not just an ordinary try. I wanted to push my limits and enjoy the therapy's benefits on a prolonged time period, since I suffered from a shoulder concussion that didn't heal quite properly. Fast forward one year and I'm back to Romania, booking 4 sessions of cryotherapy. Gulp!

Bookworm #2

Here we go again, as promised, with the 2nd issue of the Bookworm posts. This month's books are special because they offer a lot of useful tips and further reading recommendations for those who want to have a fresh start in Social Media, Sales and Negotiations, and not only (pro's in these industries might find them practical too). No binge book this time unfortunately, since I didn't finish it, but I will sure mention it in the next Bookworm post (Hint: it's an autobiography). So let's get started!