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Increase Your Creator Credibility Like a Boss!

Let’s assume that you’ve already shot the pitch video, the campaign’s content - over which you’ve poured countless hours (a.k.a. weeks) - is already assembled, and rewards are in their right place. Everything is all set, but you still feel that backers are reluctant to support you. They need more testimonials upon which they can further build trust.

Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms #2

Without any introductions, we continue our Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms series with issue #2, in which Europe's largest economy, Germany, will be put under the magnifying glass from a crowdfunding-platform perspective.

But before jumping to the list, let's just review for a moment the legislation present in this country.

Is the Law of Averages Overrated?

"The harder you work, the luckier you're going to be." Although it might sound cheesy, the law of averages always makes it's way through..provided there's enough effort mustered towards the ideal that you follow.

Frank Bettger brilliantly illustrated this principle in his book "How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling", when he gave the example of Babe Ruth, probably one of the most memorable baseball players of all times.

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding?

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding? That is the question.

Now crowdfunding per se assumes that a new venture is funded by small contributions from a usually large crowd, through the aid of the Internet. Entrepreneurs can thus cast a wider net in terms of their marketing reach, all while testing their ideas in real time manner, to name a few advantages.

But what if we consider Seth Godin's distinction between crowds and tribes?

According to him, "a crowd is a tribe without a leader", for which a tribe represents "a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea". He goes even further as to state that the majority of organizations are marketing to the crowd, while smart organizations are rather gathering a tribe around their brands.

Wireless Charging. Is it Actually Here? How many devices do you have to charge on a daily basis? 2, 5 or maybe 8 (hey, some have electrical toothbrushes too)? You have to admit it: irrespective of the number of devices you possess, the process in itself is a big pain in the ass. Charging them simultaneously would be the optimal solution, but how? DING, DING, DING!! Wireless charging, Tesla's old battered idea that's been recycled over and over again for ages. But does this wireless charging, now in 2016, look like wireless charging after all, or more like wireless charged? We're gonna see next.