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Innovators & Early Adopters: Your Trusted, Die-Hard Campaign Evangelists

CF platforms involuntarily “trick” us by counting the number of connections we have on our social media profiles. Sure, more friends translates into a chance to get more pledges.

But are they meaningful enough? What if you reach the wrong people? The ones who are not spreading your idea further?

Luckily, Moore’s theory about the diffusion of innovation process is here to help you.

The chart below depicts how disruptive products are adopted. But I like to think about it as how ideas are spread, just like Seth Godin and Simon Sinek do.


Diffusion Of Innovation Process

Diffusion of Innovation Process


The Left Side

The only part that really matters for CF creator is the one on the left: the innovators and the early adopters. They are willing to spend some extra cash to be the first ones to try out your product. To wait 3-4 months for it. To showcase it to their peers.

They are the ones spreading the word about your campaign without you even telling them. They are your evangelists and your tribe leaders.

Groom them. Nurture them. And they will soon become your campaign’s die-hard advocates.

Don’t even bother with the right part. While they might be tempting to approach due to the high volume of sales, they are not worth it. You know that kind of stubborn customer, who has objections related to each aspect of a product? On top of that he doesn’t even have the money or the intention to buy and use it? Well, here you have them – the followers.


Leaders vs. Followers

So how do you distinguish between somebody who is a leader and a follower of your idea? Simon Sinek puts it in simple words.

People who start the conversation with “Convince me why..” are followers. They have just identified themselves as being part of the majority. Not ready for your idea.

Leaders on the other hand, sound like this “I’m not 100% sure, but it’s probably worth it. There is something we should pay attention to..”. They are risk takers and their right time has come.

Pretty straight-forward right?


Spread Activation Warning

Pay attention though to your tribe leaders. Even though they might have initiative, they will conceive and send your message poorly. It is your duty to provide them guidance and build virality into your product from the beginning.

More on this in another post. Until then, choose your crowd wisely.


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