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Searching For A Job? Crowdfunding Can Bring You One

I was talking a couple of days ago with a friend of mine who works at a Fintech company in Paris, France. The number of daily registered CF platforms, he told me, is staggering.

This is no surprise, since the CF industry is doubling in revenues year-by-year ($34.4 billion for 2015), according to the Massolution 2015 CF Report, which predicts that CF is likely to surpass the VC industry in 2016 - an industry estimated at approx. $30 billion.

Given this growth, our next question was, what kind of CF-related jobs are going to emerge in the near future? And more specifically, what kind of jobs are going to be demanded for this kind of activity?


So we sat down and after a 20 minutes debate, this is what we came with:


1) CF consultants - At the more general end of this equation we have consultants. They already exist and will continue to pop-out since a large number of inexperienced players are joining the CF market. Their expertise will range from designing and executing creative CF campaigns, to assistance in finding adequate online brokers for the equity model and real estate advice regards the feasibility of a commercial project for the real estate one. This list is not exhaustive, the applications are in fact limitless. The only thing to ponder on is, how did these people get this experience in the first place?


2) CF/Online Marketers - Going further towards the more specialized end we start with Online Marketers. The success of a CF campaign rests on a solid (online) marketing plan. No doubt about it. Thus a person who is knowledgeable in SEO and email marketing, more than familiar with social ads, and qualified in writing ad copies and running A/B tests is more than welcome! Especially when you have to permanently test with different elements of your campaign in order to make educated decisions regards your audience's preferences (preferably before the official launch).


3) CF/Community Managers - A mixture between Social Media Marketers and Business Developers. Since active engagement is one of CF's novelties, community managers are supposed to connect with the "tribe" and convert them into active backers, all while seeking potential backers to hop on their (campaign) mission. This involves everything from customer care in the form of real time responses to Social Media comments, to raising the campaign's visibility through guest blog posts, journalists, events and viral marketing.


4) CF/Product Managers - Although quite scarce, these renaissance-like people are in high demand when it comes to creative projects. They can literally make or break the project, since they're the ones in charge of establishing a sharp product definition, integrating the voice of the customer into it, and launching a well-resourced and proficiently executed launch along the way. More on what specific skills do they need to possess here.


Aaand that was it. The countdown is over. These are, in our opinion, the jobs that are going to be the most sought when it comes to CF.

Did we miss something? If so, be sure to comment below.



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