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Bookworm#5 - 2016 books review


Last night, as I was rereading a chapter from Ego is the enemy, it suddenly hit me:


Why didn’t I come back sooner to the books that I’ve already read? I was and still am highlighting every phrase and paragraph that I find useful, writing side notes and making references..but what’s the purpose if I don’t revise them from time to time?


In an effort to collect the most important wisdom nuggets from the books read in 2016, I’ve scribbled them down into 3 categories: Sales, Product Marketing and Life, followed by my remarks. The books are listed at the bottom, in the order of their appearance. Enjoy!

Bookworm#4 - Hooked by Nir Eyal

How many times do you check your phone every day? Just think about that for a little. Or aimlessly scroll through your Instagram feed? Got any snaps today? You're right. You can't remember. I can't remember neither. These behaviors are already a part of us, so they feel natural. But are they?

Innovators & Early Adopters: Your Trusted, Die-Hard Campaign Evangelists

CF platforms involuntarily “trick” us by counting the number of connections we have on our social media profiles. Sure, more friends translates into a chance to get more pledges.

But are they meaningful enough? What if you reach the wrong people? The ones who are not spreading your idea further?

Searching For A Job? Crowdfunding Can Bring You One

I was talking a couple of days ago with a friend of mine who works at a Fintech company in Paris, France. The number of daily registered CF platforms, he told me, is staggering.

This is no surprise, since the CF industry is doubling in revenues year-by-year ($34.4 billion for 2015), according to the Massolution 2015 CF Report, which predicts that CF is likely to surpass the VC industry in 2016 - an industry estimated at approx. $30 billion.

Litigation Crowdfunding: A Digital Revolution Of The Legal System?


“We know all men are not created equal in the sense that..some men make more money than others”, said once Harper Lee in her famous book “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Starting from this point, let’s assume that you’re involved in a lawsuit and don’t have enough resources to actively pursue it. What do you do? Do you quit from the very first beginning or do you agree for a premature settlement?